Celebrity Apprentice loser and all-around douche, chef Curtis Stone, is actually recommending eggs from battery cage chickens in his new series of recipe cards (via ecorazzi). He’s teamed up with Coles grocery store for this campaign of cruelty. Coles offers a free-range line of eggs, but each card is designed to feed a family of four for under $10 and cage eggs are, of course, less expensive. Even so, The Sydney Morning Herald points out that if he’d recommended the organic alternative instead of eggs from caged birds “it would take the meal cost from $9.01 to $9.36 – still safely below the $10 budget allocated for each meal card.” So he’s opted to save consumers 35 cents instead of promoting a healthier, less cruel alternative.

If you were wondering what’s wrong with the world, this is it in a nutshell.