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All I can say is, thank God I’m not in school anymore, especially Catholic school. Here’s a rant posted by a Catholic school student on Burn and Rot in Hell, a website dedicated to venting. And this young animal rights activist has PLENTY to vent about:

Who’s the bitch teacher who runs the Seraph? whatever your name is, you’re an asshole. Presenting my animal rights article to the dean’s office because it was just oh so controversial. All I’m saying is – SFP teaches the values of St. Francis…the patron saint of what?? Animals. & then require every student to buy those leather shoes that tear up the back of your ankles. More cows just being sent to slaughter because everyone must look presentable with inside out cows on their feet. You know what would make a good name for prep, compassion towards all forms of life. Something a majority of the staff there is severely lacking. Aka NOT making students dissect pregnant rats. News flash: half the kids in prep are dumb asses and learn nothing from dissection. students want to pass and gtfo. Burn and rot in hell!

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Curse you, blasted starch! (via BoingBoing)

So, this week we learned that the governor of Russia’s Chukotka region is allowing the area’s indigenous people to hunt and kill 29 polar bears each year, including 19 females. Nevermind the fact that  polar bears are endagngered, facing a shrinking habitat and rampant poaching.

Cut to a couple hours later, when I read about the “Dog Palace,” Russia’s only sport and rehab center for pets, where they can swim in pools with trainers, run on treadmills and practice yoga. A Russian pet owner was quoted as saying:

“It’s a real problem in big cities – dogs just don’t get enough exercise. During the cold, snowy winters, it’s hard to go for long walks, and he can’t swim outside either. Here he gets a great workout.”

You know what else is a big problem, Russia? Hunting a species to extinction!

 Noble dog refuses to leave his injured friend. (UPDATE: The injured white dog was taken to a veterinary hospital and his faithful companion is at a No-Kill shelter.)



Photo credit: AP

A woman holds her dog as they are scanned for radiation in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.


Man (left) tightly hugs his rescued dog. On right, Sendai city firefighter. Japanese caption translation provided by: Kirsten Ernst for Global Animal. 

A woman with her pet dog and belongings pauses on the way from her devastated home in the same city. Photo credit: AP Photo, Yomiuri Shimbun

A woman shares her food with her dog at an evacuation center for pets and their owners.

Residents and Pets Take Refuge Together in a School in Kesennuma, Japan

James Franco on WhoSay

Vegetarian Star seems to think so. But I just caught his appearance on Rachael Ray and now I’m not so sure…

Rachael had the Twitter co-founder on her show today to talk tweeting and the success of his social networking empire. At the end of the interview she invited him to stay until the end of the show because she was making mac and cheese, to which he replied “I love mac and cheese.” Innnnneresting… 

Once Rachael finished cooking, she gave both Biz and a member of the audience a little bowl of mac and cheese. While the audience member dug in, Biz didn’t touch the food and sat there with his arms crossed as the credits rolled.

So, what’s the deal? Is he vegan? Ashamed of being vegan? Too polite to tell Rachael he’s vegan? If he is vegan, it was pretty lame of him not to say so. But then again, maybe he isn’t…

I’ve always found birds to be incredibly sensitive and inquisitive creatures, so this news didn’t surprise me, but I hope those who still think it’s morally acceptable to eat chicken–over, say, steak–get a wake up call.

A number of controlled procedures were carried out which involved ruffling the feathers of chicks and mother hens with an air puff.

When chicks were exposed to puffs of air, they showed signs of distress that were mirrored by their mothers. The hens’ heart rate increased, their eye temperature lowered – a recognised stress sign – and they became increasingly alert. Levels of preening were reduced, and the hens made more clucking noises directed at their chicks. [Telegraph]

These animals seem well aware that they are mere props in an Elle photoshoot with starlet Amanda Seyfried, and they are none too pleased about it.

Is this a bird or a character from Avatar?

Meet the extremely rare and otherworldly kakapo of New Zealand. This photo won first place in the “critically endangered or extinct in the wild” category in National Geographic’s first annual World’s Rarest Birds international photo competition.

There are only 124 of these large, flightless birds left though, sadly. The species has been almost entirely wiped out by non-native predatory mammals like feral cats.