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Dear America, just because you’re unfamiliar with something does not mean you have to kill it.

A hairless animal was shot and killed by a man in Kentucky this week because the man “feared what it was, since he did not recognize it.”

Ignorance breeds fear. That’s how the whole Chupacabra myth got started in the first place, not to mention werewolves, Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster etc.

This is such a cool idea. British artist, Jason de Caires Taylor, made an underwater sculpture, “The Silent Evolution”, using materials that encourage coral growth on the sea bed, forming a new home for aquatic creatures to live and roam.

…to help students at Tufts cope with finals. Move over Xanex, there’s a new anti anxiety drug in town, it’s called puppy love!

“Every college student has stress around finals,” said Bliss, who came up with the idea of dog visits after participating in a similar program as an undergraduate at New York University. “And taking a break out from that with something as easy and simple and loving as petting dogs is really helpful.” AP


(photo credit:  AP)

The holidays are almost upon us and there is vegan cheer that needs spreading! Here’s a few choice vegan items for this festive season.

Make a donation of $50 or more to the HSUS and they will send this adorable 2010 Keepsake Ornament, along with a personalized holiday card, to your friend or loved one. Donate $90 and they’ll send an ornament to you too! But they are only taking orders until midnight tomorrow (December 16th) so give while the gift giving is good.

Let your lips celebrate this season with PETA’s vegan holiday lip balms. They come in 3 yummy flavors: “Soy To the World” Soy Nog, “Happy Howlidays” Candy Cane, “Santa Paws Cider” Apple Cider.


Get cozy and cute in the 100% cotton ‘Cooperative Ornament Sweater’ from Urban Outfitters.

Looking for tasty vegan treats to serve this Christmas? Look no further, The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur: Over 140 Simply Delicious Recipes That Treat the Eyes and Taste Buds, has got you covered in the sweets department.

And last but not least, use Matt & Nat’s Gift Finder to find the perfect vegan accessories for friends and family this Christmas. They’re stuff is gorgeous. Your loved ones will never know it’s not leather!

This is a bit more upscale than the baths he gets in the forest.


This is appalling.  Tony the tiger, a Bengal-Siberian mix, lives at a truck stop in Gross Tete, LA. Literally. 

Forced to live in a concrete cage, Tony has had to endure the loud noises and smoke from trucks that pass through, not to mention all of the other psychological damage that comes with being imprisoned one’s entire life.

Tony’s owner Michael Snadlin’s permit was recently due and, though the law says that it is illegal to own or display exotic animals, when Sandlin was asked to find Tony a new home, he instead filed a lawsuit. Inexplicably, the courts decided to amend the ordinance, making it legal for Sandlin to keep a tiger, instead of enforcing the law.

Check out the video above to see the conditions Tony’s being subjected to. It’s tragic. 

Click Here to sign a petition to get Tony to the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary where he can live out the rest of his days in peace.

Wondering what to get the dog who has everything?

Bruce Littlefield has written The Bedtime Book For Dogs (Grand Central, June 2011), about a dog who decides that he’d rather walk to the park by himself than wait for his human companion–and discovers that all of his usual activities aren’t as much fun without a good friend to share them with.

(This actually happened to my dog!)

The book is filled with words your dog will understand like, “come,” “sit,” “stay” and “treat.”